Historic Cobalt Prices - 1976 to 2013

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SFP Metals (UK) Ltd
Global Independent Cobalt Specialists

Established in 1999, SFP Metals (UK) Ltd has rapidly expanded and is now one of the largest independent distributors of Cobalt metal in the world.

Specialising in the finance, distribution, marketing and price risk hedging of Cobalt metal, SFP has an international presence sourcing material and selling directly across the globe. Based in London, SFP provides a comprehensive service to the consumers, producers, bankers and analysts of the Cobalt world.

SFP are fully committed to the EU ‘REACH’ legislation and are active members of the Minor Metals Trade Association (MMTA) - the regulatory body of all minor metals, including Cobalt.

  • MMTA Member
  • SFP Metals supports REACH
  • Cobalt Development Institute
  • London Metal Exchange
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