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Cobalt’s increasingly important role in the industrial world, combined with its reputation for price opaqueness and volatility, has led to a demand for greater price transparency and liquidity.  In recognition of this demand the LME has now introduced cobalt futures trading on its ring as of February 22nd 2010.

SFP’s history of innovative price hedging mechanisms for cobalt (options & financial paper contracts) renders it well placed to integrate the needs of the traditional production and consumption world of cobalt with those of the financial world of price risk management, investment and hedge funds.

SFP is committed to developing the mutual benefits for all involved in this new fusion and has strategy in place to ensure that it remains a key participant at the cross roads between LME brokers and their clients and the world of physical trading.

Cobalt trading on the LME includes:

  • Cobalt is traded on the LME via Ring, Select and Telephone
  • There is 1 ring per day shared between cobalt and molybdenum at 12:20
  • There is kerb trading daily

LME cobalt contracts are defined per the following criteria:

  • Lots
    1,000 kilos (2 % more or less).
  • Warrants
    Warrants of 1,000 kilos bearing a SWORD generated barcode.
  • Drums
    To be packed in steel drums of uniform size showing gross and net weights, brand name, origin, shape and grade.
  • Currency
    US dollars.
  • Price
    US dollars per MT (2204.62 lbs per MT)

Historic Cobalt Prices - 1976 to 2013

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