Key Staff Members at SFP Metals

Nick French

Nick French, Operations Manager

Nick founded SFP Metals (UK) Ltd, in 1999. With over 30 years experience in the management of metals companies, Nick specialises in sourcing material, financial structures and the management of SFP’s business development and control strategies.

Stephen English

Stephen English, Senior Marketing Manager

Stephen started out in cobalt at Continental Ore in London in 1969. In a career that so far spans five decades he has bought from the General Services Administration (GSA), sold to the Russians and traded with the former Comecon during the 1980's. He was one of the first to buy Russian cobalt at the end of the Cold War and sold cobalt on behalf of the Zambian producers for over 20 years. Stephen’s renown goes before him in the cobalt market!

Sue RussellSue Russell, Financial Controller

Sue is SFP’s financial controller and has worked in the metal industry for over 25 years with a broad experience of linking the practicalities of the banking world to those of the trading world.

Emily JacksonEmily Jackson, Shipping Manager

Maintaining a tight control on all our delivery, transport, storage, insurance and physical logistics, Emily has a keen eye for detail and a close working relationship with the primary global warehouses. She also serves on the MMTA warehousing committee.

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