Cobalt Research

SFP Metals (UK) Ltd has a dedicated Research Department that provides detailed analysis of all sectors of the cobalt market.  This includes regular updates of a broad cross section of indicators relating to the market fundamentals, in addition to specific trade reports and industry reviews.  The ‘SFP Weekly Cobalt Press Review’ is now a ‘must have’ for all industry members who wish to stay permanently well informed and currently has over 800 subscribers worldwide.

Quality research underpins all of SFP’s activities in the cobalt market.  The Research Department’s primary role is to provide accurate market intelligence to SFP’s marketing team who ensure that all decisions are based on a thorough knowledge of current market conditions.  This contributes to SFP’s status as a leading authority in the cobalt market and a company that is able to provide a wide range of specialist services that are based on precise and up to date sources of information from across the industry.

SFP’s commercial credo is firmly founded on the principle that knowledge is everything.

Special Cobalt Reports

Our Special Cobalt Reports are made available below as PDF files. Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view them.

Historic Cobalt Prices - 1976 to 2013

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